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Does Anyone Know....

What happened to the community twilightfans?

Been MIA for God Knows How Long...

Hey peeps, I have missed so many entries. I just open my box in like XXX months and it said I had 2000 messages...eeekkkk!!! I have been at school this whole time and it will not give me a break! I am getting my Bachelors of Science in Communication and I still have one more year to go then I AM DONE!!!!!!!! I miss talking about Twilight but that does not mean I don't know what has been going on in the Twilight World (the new moon trailer *screamed my head off*, Robert getting hit by a cab! *poor baby*, the pictures of the cast in Italy, etc.) I want to be on here more but if I am not then you know I was chained to my books and could not indulge myself in some TwiAction *cries a river* So I hope to be more on the communities and talk more about Twilight! I plan on going to the midnight premier again! Its was so much fun and I really want to see JACOB becoming a werewolf it looked so awesome in the trailer, I am just jumping in my seat just thinking about it! hehehehehehe.... So I got to get back to work I thought I should write something so people know that I am not in a ditch or something...Loves ya and Talk to you soon

Twilighter for LIFE

Jasper Pictures!





If you need more let me know!!! XD

May. 5th, 2007

I have some pictures here.............................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


I just got done with my math test! I literally studied my a$$ off for 3 1/2 hours with my partner! What a load of math i had to put up with but i am happy with the results! I knew 85% of the stuff so studying does pay off! I guess my friend, Vicky, was right! I told her about "Jack" and she said "Now that he is gone, you will do so much better in your classes!" And she is right, life drawling is much better, my speech for gun control i got an A, and i studied better for my math test! So Thanks to Vicky and all of the support of the friends i made here at Live Journal. You guys totally helped me in my time of need, and i want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart! *HUGS*


Edward is my only love now...

So i am sad and mad! Boys are nothing but horny, selfish, tongue stabbing S.O.B's!

I am just so lost and heartbroken...

Mar. 12th, 2007

Hi everyone! I am so excited that the cover was revealed!*****:D
But so many questions are running through my mind, i think the biggest question is what does this mean?
If any of you have any theories please let me know, i would LOVE to read them! 
SO spring break is going off to a good start, nothing really new going on over here but i know that sometime this week i am going shopping, which is really bad since i am on this program for shopp-a-holics. (lol)
I need to save money if i want to go to this prom thing, o what a world*
So how is everyone doing? Anything new? I have not had any Twilight/New Moon experiences, have you? O please tell, any Edward boys out there that just trigger you heart!? Well i love chating with all of you so please inlighten me!<3hugs*

Peace love turtle doves<3


So it has been a while since i posted anything.....where to begin........well i am just going back to school and it is a pain in the butt!!! GRRRR.....evil homework....haha i should be doing that right now i guess but it can wait 5 minutes (evil laugh)!

I can not wait till the Eclipse Prom i think this will be the only Twilight/New Moon event that i have attended. Thank GOD its soooooooo......close or i would be crying my eyes out!!! (sorry for those that can not come) I do want to help so that everyone feels like they are there! I am planing to take a TRUCK LOAD of PICTURES!!! Well anyways there really is nothing special going on over here, i just thought i should post something!

Thanks for reading!<3

Peace love and turtle doves

New Twilight Addict!

What is your name? Caroline
How did you find Twilight? Long story...where to begin...oh! I saw one girl in my dance class reading it and at first i thought "What is so great about this book that she doesn't have to practice?" So i went to the library that night and checked it out! OMG i fell in love...with well you know who! I am not much a reader, so for this book to entice me so quickly only ment that this was an amazing book... I am sure everyone could agree with me! ;) I could not wait to read New Moon, i read it in 3 days but i had work and school so that slowed me down and now i am biting my nails just waiting for Eclipse.
Which character(s) do you like the most? I love them all, Esme for her endless compassion and love, Carlisle for his wisdom and strength so he can help other people, Emmett for his humor, Rose for the concern of her family, Jasper for his calmness, Alice for her sweet spunky personality, Edward because its Edward, Jacob for his affection, and Bella for her uniqueness.
How long have you loved Twilight? Since the moment i saw the cover!  Fall 2005, i think the girl (in my dance class) got the book when it first came out.
I am just glad to participate in an amazing group of Twilight and New Moon lovers!



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