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New Twilight Addict!

What is your name? Caroline
How did you find Twilight? Long story...where to begin...oh! I saw one girl in my dance class reading it and at first i thought "What is so great about this book that she doesn't have to practice?" So i went to the library that night and checked it out! OMG i fell in love...with well you know who! I am not much a reader, so for this book to entice me so quickly only ment that this was an amazing book... I am sure everyone could agree with me! ;) I could not wait to read New Moon, i read it in 3 days but i had work and school so that slowed me down and now i am biting my nails just waiting for Eclipse.
Which character(s) do you like the most? I love them all, Esme for her endless compassion and love, Carlisle for his wisdom and strength so he can help other people, Emmett for his humor, Rose for the concern of her family, Jasper for his calmness, Alice for her sweet spunky personality, Edward because its Edward, Jacob for his affection, and Bella for her uniqueness.
How long have you loved Twilight? Since the moment i saw the cover!  Fall 2005, i think the girl (in my dance class) got the book when it first came out.
I am just glad to participate in an amazing group of Twilight and New Moon lovers!


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Sep. 5th, 2007 01:30 am (UTC)
thank you for welcoming me
Hello thanks for welcoming me. I'm new to message boards. I was just pleased to see that there are people who enjoy these books as I do I have no one to talk to them about because all my friends are not readers so, when I try to tell them about the books they just look at me like "ok". I'm glad that I found this place.
Sep. 5th, 2007 02:01 am (UTC)
Re: thank you for welcoming me
Yeah I totally know what you mean...I am in college so there are not a lot of people reading a romance-vampire book..hahaha...but any time you feel like chating about anything in the books, I am 100% up for convo-debate-drooling-fan girl chat!!!
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